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Herlihy Signature Model


Available in:
38 inch length, crescent tail, flat bottom
42 inch length, crescent tail, flat bottom (out of stock)
46 inch length, 22.125″ width @ 23″ down from the nose, 18″ tail, cresent or bat tail, flat bottom
48″ inch length,  bat tail, flat bottom or channels

1.9lb Polypropylene core
1 Stringer on 38 inch
2 Stringers on 42 inch
3 Stringers on 46 and 48 inch
Reinforcing Mesh on all boards
High Density PE Slick Bottom
Nose Rocker
Crescent Tail on the 38 inch and 42 inch
Crescent or Bat Tail on 46 inch and 48 inch

****These boards are in stock and ready for immediate shipping****