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Toobs has been making custom boards since 1988. A lot has changed since then, along with the needs of the modern bodyboarder. Our goal at Toobs is to make the perfect board for each rider. Although we do offer a large variety of stock boards, sometimes you want something a little more unique to fit your style.

When you order a custom bodyboard from us, you have the ability to work one on one with your shaper to get the right board. No hype, no gimmicks.

Please refer to our "Custom Features" link in the 'Help' Section to the left for descriptions of the features available.. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. Current wait time for a custom bodyboard is approx. 3-4 weeks.

Price: $224.00
Your Height
Your Weight
Riding Style
Core Type
Rail Ratio
Length (Not available over 46")
DK Nose Rocker
Deck or Slick Bulbs
Nose and Tail Bumpers
Nose Width
Overall Width
Wide pt. Distance From Nose
Tail Width
Deck Color
Pinstripe (Inner Rail) Color
Outer Rail Color
Enter 2 colors if you selected checkered rails
Bottom (Slick) Color
Stamp Location A
Stamp Location B
Stamp Location C
Stamp Location D
Stamp Location E

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