After I made last eves post I realized I had futzed around with this vid of Leslie and I back at the begining of December. As simple and easy as the trail was in this sequence. The feeling…the flow…was profound.

Those who know this feeling…KNOW. I thank them for showing me the *way*.


Peace B

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Self esteem

62 years old and you would think that I had a handle on who *I* am. Nope, still struggling from time to time. Self inflicted most times, other times it just comes with the territory when you put yourself ‘out there’.

Having said that there is much joy in the larger better part of my existence. Check it:

Pristine day after first rain of December

I was rolling into the pull up the back of Haz, head down and thinking ” can you…will you clean those two stoppers at the top today Buzz?” I looked up and saw this and then the little voice said, ” oh man!” then “….oh LUCKY man…”

When Susan and I lived in Pacific Grove I was an avid mushroom hunter/amateur mycologist. The Pine and Cypress forests of the Monterey peninsula are host to an amazing and myriad variety of fungi. I was pretty good at identification back then. Ran across these under Eucalyptus on a return lunch ride a while back. I’m calling Chlorophyllum Rhacodes, Shaggy Parasol…?

Farther down the lunchtime return road.

Susan and I went up to see our dear friend and artist Nico Vandenheuvel a few days before christmas.

A lifetime of interpretation of life. I am dazzled every time.

Then cherished time on christmas eve with these so so special and beloved ones..oh yes indeed!

My little brother and I

New Years resolution……….

NO cookies on the couch!!

Peace and love to all in 2013!!!!


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..not Green in the sense of all the enviro hoopla… but green in the sense that; it’s a characteristic of a season.


next morning

then this

and this

friends in between

Good friend

REALLY good friend(s)(!)

oh yeah… GOOD

some pretty good rain…maybe..

some Chanterelles in the oak leaf beds?

Jamie, Emily and Caya were out scouting this morning too..

OK..I will have to do *something* about this as in: hump the saw to the site….!

sweet single track

Never tired of this rock

cold air in front of the front popping off the coast

afternoon after the frontal passage


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A second spring

Pristine days lately. Classic autumn in central Cali. Offshore winds, clear skys and warm days.

I’ve passed this Prickly Pear cactus a hundred times. This time I risked the consequence of not having the right protection to enjoy this ‘fruit of the gods’.

Was it worth it? Hell YES! Delicious…..took a couple days for my lips to absorb the tiny cactus spines though! :-)

Dinosaurs on the trail.

Hamal and I have been getting our hike/hunts in even though the days are short.

A dogs life can be pretty darn good.

Went out to the park mid day Tuesday for a ride. I knew there was a controlled burn taking place in the Coon Creek canyon. The intensity of Cal fire activity seemed pretty extreme for what they were saying so I snuck down the bluff trail to Coon Creek before my regular ride to take a peek. Holy smoke! It was a war. They were doing everything they could to defend the west boundary of the park and get the fire under control.

Some deer had come out of the burning canyon to graze on the deserted bluff.

My hat is off to the women and men that put the lives on the line to protect our public assets. Here, here!

I got going on my intended ride a bit later than planned but I had the whole park to myself. I did not see one other human on any of the trails I rode. Beautiful late afternoon.

Afterset Wednesday evening. Smoke from the fire made for some spectacular lights.


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Doing the same thing and…

….expecting a different result. Does that qualify as ‘sane’? A silly attempt at the elusive catchy blog post title.


Been by here a hundred times on my Tuesday ride return..never saw this before? :-)

Same place same week…hmmmm…. supertack velcro on the rainyday. One track on that trail. MINE! LOL!

What’s this…?

Hey it’s Suzi K moving Digger up to another pasture. The people and things you encounter on a country road…like

Princess the orphan calf.

…still want to eat meat?

Why they call ’em ‘little doggies’ in all them cowboy songs.

Rainy morn

Only track on this trail this day was a deers.

Lots going on in this wonder filled world…even if it *feels* like the same old same old. Look ..you’ll see.


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Alto Cirrus

I saw two reliable signs of fall today. A Tarantula going to higher ground and the best Alto Cirrus clouds in quite a few months.

It’s been a very mild summer by typical foggy coastal standards. Lots of sun and warm days on the coast.

I’ve seen a few snakes this summer but not as many as last year and the year before. Fall can get mighty hot here so snake season is probably not over yet.

Other than getting kicked in the face by Christopher the donkey the Hamal Jammer has had quite a fun filled summer

The Pelicans have been enjoying the late summer bounty of bait fish in the bay. Grace on the wing.

Riding…well F’in yeah I have!

Seasons are slow to change in central California, subtle.

My sense tells me change is coming.


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The ghost

It’s been 2 weeks now since my dear friend Robbie died. I’m not sure where he went or if he went anywhere. I did my best to help him ride it out in the final few days. At one point I was by his bedside when the nurse came in and asked, ” How are you doing Mr. Robertson?, he replied, “..uuuh ok, I’m surviving…..not sure what’s behind it though”. His remark sent a chill through me, it was like something you might read in a Kurt Vonnegut novel. I thought, “crap, Mahayana Buddhist most of his life and in the end he still has no idea what the heck is going on”. He gave up the ‘ghost’ a day and half later.

Robert Robertson 1925-2012

Easy little man, control that ‘urge’. No herding allowed.

Oops! This is what can happen when the ‘ghost’ in ones machine takes over, you can get kicked in the face by a hoofed animal!

Everything is fine now and my little Hamal the havoc man and I are back on the hunt.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what MTBing is doing for me these days, what surfing and windsurfing did for me back in the day. I think these activities move me backwards on my DNA timeline, trying to connect something primal in myself to something more elemental and …pure? Unfortunately some things, like a little too much alcohol, can bring out a part of me that is just plain nasty mean. A ghost in my machine. Yep..guilty as charged.

I’ve gotten into plenty of trouble with these two hooligans! Bill Fortington and Jack Witmer after a foray Bill and I made to south county last Sunday. We’ve managed to survived our little adventures so far…I’m not sure what’s behind it though. :-)

The coyotes have been very active this summer. Lots of grass this year, lots of feed for the squirrels, lots of food for the coyotes. Summertime here is mostly windless. Where we live you could hear a pin drop a mile away on a typical night. Deafening quiet save the chirp of the crickets and then,once every so often throughout the night, the frenzied yipping, howling and barking of the coyotes. I’ve been lying awake and imagining what they are doing. I think they are much like us. Perhaps they are a ghost inside of us? In a dream the other night I met with all my pack at a coyote rendezvous…we were all there…together.


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Layers on layers

I’ve been photographing those twin peaks for years and don’t even know their names

What’s in a name anyway? some letters?

Words will never do.


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Are you caught in the “Busy Trap”?

Great article by Tim Kreider in the NYT

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What if you could lick the bridge of your nose with your tongue?

Ok, answer later.

Since we know the universe is of full of opportunity here’s a few pix of me and some pals taking some:

Pristine afternoon at the park last Thursday.

What’s that? Are you trying to tell me something? …Your..36 years old??? Ohhhhhhhhhh.. 63 years old!Happy birthday best riding buddy ever!

Three of my favorite beings!

Ok let’s check this out.

Ahhhhhhhh.. one of the greatest things in life, a Bionic Bill Sunday ride!

Gettin’ up there

Climb M’fer!

A little more

Bitchin!’4000′ above sea level!

Bionic Bill Fortington. I thank the universe that you are not a *normal* human being..AND.. that you are my friend!

Living near the ocean has some benifits

Being freindly with the local ranchers has it’s benifits as well.

Ok; what if you could lick the bridge of your nose with your tongue?

Well you would probably be a dog….and… you might already be one, you just don’t know it yet.

Try harder


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