Sherry goes single….track

A week or so ago I ran into our neighbor Sherry Molnar at the mailboxes. I had my bike in the back and she asked me when we were going to go on a ride. I asked her if maybe she wanted to try out my old Blur( which is still a really light and plush FS bike) and go out to CC park and see what singletrack is like on a nice bike. ” sure…what day?” “How about Friday around mid day?” Ride date was made. I have ridden on double track and pavement with Sherry and her friend Kerry before. Sherry rides an old tank of a beater MTB… but let me tell you aerobic fitness is not an issue with Sherry..she is strong! The *coach* in me was excited to see if she had potential. This is the busy spouse of Pat Molnar and the mother of two beautiful children, 12 year old daughter Fallon and 8 year old son Brance. This is not your normal family, not your normal children and Sherry is not your normal woman and I mean that in a very positive sense! Sherry is a bit of a clown like myself and we had a ball. She could go big with a MTB if she wants. STRONG mind and body!

Dirt starts here Sherry…here we go!


Shout out to Miff!…we were channeling you on this ride! Can you figure why?


Thanks Sherry!  GREAT fun with a GREAT friend!

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4 Responses to Sherry goes single….track

  1. Cheri says:

    That is my BFF Sherry! & Yes she is awesome & funny & beautiful & I get to see her today!!! YAY! :)

  2. Miff says:

    OK. Crazy cats…….thankyou. Mwah. Now I’m thinking this is my type of date, because (human observation), sweet single track, spunky sherry gets and goes rollin, right on girlfriend…… AND well seems to be some smiling, laughing, smiling, stacking (thats part of the deal Sherry), more of Buzz’s resonance in voice and laughing. And well the thing that really GOT me, in the *interview* was that SMILE of Sherrys!

  3. Buzz says:

    Cool and ‘crazy cat’ girls with BEAUTIFUL smiles….ahhhh yes! I do so love. One of life’s greatest gifts……smiling happy human beings!

    And yes Miff…. YOUR smile was the muse for the ride!!



  4. jaman says:

    Excellent ride report! Thanks.
    I love to see people get out on singletrack, learning, laughing, joking, and just enjoying the outdoors.
    you must be a good “coach”

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