I’ve had an old Nokia flip phone for about the last five years. I averaged about 250 minutes per month of talk time and no texting. ┬áIt was satisfactory for my needs. Recently a good customer of ours gave his old iPhone 4S to me. I carried it around in my brief bag for about 3 months before I finally stopped at the AT&T store to check my options. I ended up with a pay as you go $25 a month plan, 250 minutes voice, unlimited texting with pictures. I shined any data considerations as it seems to work pretty good as a mini computer on the available wireless networks. I’m in my 3rd week of modern connected technology and I honestly feel all the cool features of the smart phone have wasted a bunch of my time and created a good bit of anxiety in me. I find myself ‘checking’ it all the time, but there seldom seems to be anything there of much use or that I didn’t know already? Battery life is good, sound quality is bad, camera is ok for what it is. Maybe its just me, my age and they way I came. I actually thought of sitting down and writing a letter the other day to see if I could concentrate that long. Serious! I came across a nice essay by Rebecca Solnit that pretty much aligns with my feelings. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a technology luddite. I use many modern *tools* to get my job done. Here’s one:
Sram XX1 and carbon fiber rims……pretty darn good technology! Helped me find the flow on a recent solo trip up to Ord
These trails have a nice feel.
Took the Hamal jammer to the beach the other day. (iPhone photos!)



An open seat at the fire pit
The persistent marine layer that defines summer on the Cali coast is in decline…fall is just around the corner

So much disturbing stuff going on in the *connected* world. I am still able to find my peace and solace and for that I am thankful. As for the rest? Perhaps the answer is blowin’ in the wind?


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