I was standing out in the parking lot blabbing with my friend Ana Korgan this afternoon when a young kid came huffing, puffing and complaining down the alley holding up the rear wheel of a brand new city kinda bike. I said , ” hey what’s up man”, he says, “man I borrowed my moms brand new bike and I was like riding along and it just went wacko on the back end”. I looked down and he had dropped the chain down between the cassette and the hub and wrapped the derailleur ALL the way around. Bad deal. The kid looked young, some tats, hat on backwards, shorts and skateboard sneakers. My kinda kid. “Gimmee a few minutes to finish my visit with my friend and I’ll see if I can help you out”.

Thank goodness it was a low end derailleur made from steel and not alloy. After I realized that the jockey cage had deformed enough to over ride the stop pin and unwind the spring I was able to straighten it up and cobble the thing back together and it shifted perfectly!. Go figure? I could not straighten the wheel out as I had no spoke wrench at work, so I ended up opening the brake adjustment enough to allow the wobbely wheel to pass between the brake pads. The reason all this happened was that whoever assembled the bike did not tighten the derailleur to the drop out and it backed out enough to kill the chain alignment. Blammo!

The kid was very thankful, assailing me with all his recent bad luck and woes, this being just the most recent of about 5 bad turns of luck. I encouraged him, told him that he could make it home but to go to the bike shop and get a new derailleur for his mom’s bike and that to be positive and have hope…blah blah..

Cruising down H1 in north MB on the way home, I looked over to the frontage road and I see ‘the kid’ riding the same bike back in the same direction he came from when it broke!! WTF? Ok, Ok. I could not bring myself to the lowly depths of total indifference so I just said to myself, “Oh well”.

I wondered did he really appreciate my act of kindness? The fact that fate had delivered him to my alley. Delivered him to the master of disaster himself? The grand champion chef of chicken salad from chicken shit? Maybe so, maybe not, no matter. I’m good at that kind of stuff, I do it a lot, it makes me feel good to do it, I will keep on doing it. I can not live my life expecting some kind of reaction for every action I produce. Goodness comes back around in many forms, here’s a few:

My neighbor Kelly does raptor rehabilitation and rescue for a local group. She is amazing. A few pixs of some of her flock

Here are a couple amazing photos of an Eagle release Kelly made last week

Photo courtesy of Keith Hadick

Photo courtesy of Keith Hadick

Some random stuff from the ‘bike path’ no rhyme or reason:

Windy spring day!

hang glider hill with J-rad.

This guy was carving the sky!

Kite sailors were carving the sea

This guy was carving the sky too.

If I had feathers I would fly too.

LJ pulling back up the pipe trail

Sure looks like Miff on my 6! How though? she’s 8000 miles away? Hmmmmmmmmmm. LOL!

I should probably have my amatuer bike mechanics license revoked for letting this happen to LJ’s rear brake rotor. Geezo Buzz!

Now here is someone I REALLY appreciate! My lovely Susan showing off here 6″ shorter hair!

3 of Donna and Macks grazers.

And of course my little dog man on a walk out to the point

He had a speed attack about half way there!

Ok dad, I’m done now, can we go home?


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8 Responses to Appreciation

  1. jenyjo says:

    THAT is a lot of FLY-INSPIIIIIration!!!


  2. Juancho says:

    Rewards for helping young and dumb:

    4 spooky owls in a box
    Eagle returned to wild
    Friends who can wear out brake rotors
    Not a Taco Bell anywhere in sight
    Speed Attack!

    • Buzz says:

      I have to tell you Jauncho… out on the bikey for two solid hours at lunch time today. Maybe the rope had not slipped as far as I thought? Was thinkin’ of you and Utah was in there somewhere too!


  3. miff says:

    Buzz: OMG it does look like my *on-your wheel* doppeleganger! Freaky….told ya I was channelling the good vibes your way ;-) I’m with Jauncho on the rewards for action… karma karma my friend. It is all too easy to take and not give, giving is actually the most rewarding and sustaining, although it can at times leave you wondering why-oh-why. He probably doesn’t know what he doesn’t know……and fate delivered him to your giving ways. I like your comment …”my kinda kid”…. so there perhaps is the reason itself paths crossed.
    And WOW your friend Kelly and her Raptors and Eagles…… I’ve never seen anyone up close with such magnificent flightful ones……the Eagle looked so *gentle* in a way, not to be fearful of …… my created fear…… what an amazing realtionship. REWARD!

    You reward….. so many in so many ways…..and you are rewarded with the *happenings of no particular rhyme or reason*….. quality my friend qauilty!

    Oh yeah, and Susan’s new locks rock!

    Miff ;-X

    • Buzz says:

      Yeah and you rock too my friend! Did you see the smile on that ghost of you? That’s how I recognized you!!

      Kelly is not afraid of the animals and they can sense it. It’s crazy to watch the degree of comfort she has with all animals. pretty cool.

      You be flyin’ here real soon I think?


  4. Lj says:

    You are a kind soul & I appreciate you so much. Life is giving and receiving of inspirational breathes & I find myself smiling often because of moments that shine on me. Thanks for sharing your love of a light shining in a stranger, a loved one, or friend.

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