Dream days

I’ve been riding once a week with my young friend Leslie. Her bike is a little heavy and doesn’t have the best components but she is *game*. It is so fun and inspiring riding with someone who has that “bring it!” attitude. She’s doing much better on the up stuff but is absolutely fearless on the down stuff. She says, ” I love the rocks”. Uh oh! A “rockstar” in the making? When she gets a new bike I might be in trouble. Bring it Leslie! :-)


I had this dream last night. My friend Chris and I were going down the Colorado river in his little skiff. He pulled up to the exit of a small wash in the face of the bluff and let me off. I hiked up a ways and found three young women sessioning some sharp rock ledges on their big wheeled bikes. The were giggling like little girls. I woke up and thought, ” that looked a lot like Horse Thief going back up from the river..”. And the three young women?…well you can guess but I’m pretty sure I knew who they were.


The Hamal jammer came up with this the other morning while I was feeding the burros down by the barn:

Hey hey! you little monkey! Give me that NOW! Too late dad… it’s mine…NOW.

Perfectly tree ripened half pound Avocado gone to the dogs!! LOL!

Susan came home while we were on our walk this evening. Hamal obeyed me and stayed until she went around the corner. We charged up the little hill to the lone oak. He got a little ahead of me right before the summit, shot over the top of the hill, ran full speed down the backside and caught Susan in the driveway as she was getting out of the car. I’m talking like a 1/4 mile trip total. Speedster!

It’s been a long dry spell in central California. I’m not complaining as the days have been pristine and fresh, but it looks like the high pressure is finally breaking down. The jet stream is dropping and the Pineapple Express is in the pipe to deliver some much needed moisture to our area. I could see the change out to sea in the sunset this eve.

Might be some hero dirt coming if the rain is spread over a few days. Dick! We’ll be bombing Haz if were lucky!



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5 Responses to Dream days

  1. jenyjo says:

    was Hamal in the dream too????
    it’s pretty clear that your psyche needs a trip out west again… yo!

    hope you are doing well!!!!!


    • Buzz says:


      Well actually the *reason* I woke up was the little devil jumped up on the bed and burrowed his way right in between Susan and I!! At 3:30am!! He is not supposed to get on the bed until Susan gets up at 5. I know I know..it’s ridiculous. He’s the boss! Hahahaha! It was good dream none the less.

      Be assured a trip to the plateau is definitely in my psyche!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Healthy Hamel…….I think maybe he would like guacomole!!! Leslies likes rocks…yep, a rockstar in the being! hamel sounds like he has downhill speed paws! Liking your trail time there Buzz….keep *bringing et*.

    • Buzz says:

      The Hammer has a whole stash of avo’s in various stages of ripening hidden all around the yard . He will drop everything to munch a good one!

      We got some *practice* rocks waiting Miff. You AND me are gonna have to do a lot of work to be able to ride with you know who! Did you see that stuff with her and Scott M? Geez! F’Fn amazing! It may be too late already for me but you can DO it Miff!

      Keep on!


  3. Tim Faia says:

    With regards to your friend, and her bike without the best bits…tell her it’s the indian and not the arrow. She’s out there and the bike is only the vehicle, not the be all and end all. It’s awesome to have companions who are *game* for whatever the trails throw at us.

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