Simple surprise

Dick has been down with some kind of flu goofus for more than few weeks. He got back on the bike on last Wednesday, Saturday we did a short but sweet 14 mile clover leaf on BH and CC. We knew the valley would be hot so we chose the coast for the ride on the hopes that the sun would come out even though we are finally seeing the dreaded California ‘June gloom’.

Bombing down what Tauras used to call the ‘sluice box’ I incurred the classic double snakebite flat on a waterbar timber. Yes… I will investigate the tubeless tire setup for Tibaby soon! We pushed up to a nice little meadow where I could flip the bike over and work on the tire. We were blabbing away working on the flat when all of a sudden….the sun came out.

Dick said to me, “…Buzz… look up”

Momentary magic



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  1. miff says:

    And the skies parted, to sun on you! Nice!

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